Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stand by...this is only a test!

Yellow and Baby Blue Beret, originally uploaded by garnyloowho.

This morning I learned to Fair Isle using two hands. At first it was kinda painful on the left hand. After a while I learned how to carry the yarn that felt natural. So, I started this one by one project. It's actually really cute. The colors give it a vintage feel. Kinda preppy but in that anti-preppy-preppy way. Wink. Now decreasing, that will be the trick.
I'll keep you posted.


Seven said...

So that's what Fair Aisle is. I love the colors.

Courtney Kelley said...

"Isle," like an island. just so's you know.
I'll help you with the decreases, promise!

Garny LooWho said...

Thanks Courtney! I can't wait to resume working on this beret.

jenjerpeach said...

I'd say for a test, it looks fab. You'd better keep this one! For all the finger action though, WHOever gets it is one lucky person.