Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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Not another Purl Beret!
This is my Stripy Hot Pink Purl Beret, it is almost finished.
I'd better have a good reason for another one of these, right?
Well, I gave the first two away and finally made a third for myself.
Unfortunately, that one is lost. In the meantime what am I to do without
a super cute beret for the winter? Duh...make another one! I was really
lucky to be at Rosie's when some new colors of Koigu arrived. I got this great hot pink shade to stripe with a pale grey. I am so close to finishing!


Seven said...

the pink and gray is a perfect combination.

jenjerpeach said...

i promise that as a rosie's worker, i'll make a purl beret. maybe this weekend. who knows?